We provide bespoke investment solutions combined with a highly personalised service. This allows us to deal with a range of mandates from the straightforward to the more complex and demanding.

We have looked after charities since our inception in 1986 and understand how to run charitable investment assets in a prudent, pragmatic and flexible way. Our commitment to the sector is demonstrated by investing dedicated resources, in terms of capital and people. We recognise that long term growth of our business is best generated by steady investment performance and the proof of the service we aspire to deliver.

Our experience suggests much of the value in an investment service is the due diligence that occurs in the early stages of a client relationship. Our meticulous approach enables trustees to judge and strike the right balance between potential income and growth expectations, in order to protect the long-term nature of the charity’s purpose – as per the Founder’s wishes and the Beneficiaries’ needs.

"It can be difficult for trustees to balance the responsibility as a custodian of long-term capital with the increasing short-term demands required of the assets."
James Pike, Head of Charities

We believe the central role of the portfolio manager, from understanding your requirements to actively managing the portfolio and reporting to the Board, is the vital part of delivering a trustworthy and transparent service. As such, we do not employ relationship managers.

This puts us in an excellent position within the industry to deliver your needs, as your investment objectives naturally evolve over time.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to explain our investment philosophy and process in more detail.