Platform Portfolios

We manage model portfolios across the risk spectrum, from defensive through to growth portfolios.

Our model portfolios are available exclusively to clients of financial advisers through a variety of third party investment platforms to provide a cost effective and efficient means of investment.

Our portfolios are constructed using four specialist Waverton OEIC Funds which are managed specifically for this purpose. Each fund covers a major asset class and the four together are used as the building blocks for each model. The four Waverton funds are: The Sterling Bond Fund, The Tactical Equity Fund, The Global Core Equity Fund and The Alternatives Fund.

We believe our approach of using four specialist asset class funds provides the best of both worlds: the simplicity and ease of a platform based portfolio with the sophistication and investment range of a fully discretionary portfolio. Potential returns are not compromised by the limitations of the investments available through a platform.

Platform Portfolio Range

Portfolio Indicative Long Term Return Time Horizon Risk Description
Growth CPI+3.5% 7 Years Volatile
Balanced CPI+3.0% 6 Years Medium volatility; diversified
Cautious CPI+2.5% 5 Years Medium volatility; highly diversified
Defensive CPI+2.0% 4 Years Low volatility; highly diversified
Conservative CPI+1.5% 4 Years Low volatility; highly diversified