Waverton Global Strategic Bond Fund

The Waverton Global Strategic Bond Fund is a highly active and flexible strategic global bond fund with an absolute return bias.

This highly flexible strategic global bond fund aims to outperform cash, its peers and the relevant global bond index with a lower volatility over the investment cycle.

The fund uses its flexibility in the duration decision, the choice of currency exposures and the level of credit risk within the investable perimeters. The managers are able to go short duration up to 3 years, they are also capable of investing up to 30% in non-investment grade securities and shorting currency up to 20% in order to protect capital and generate real returns for shareholders. The investment process uses a combination of quantitative analysis with fundamental judgement calls within a framework of constant review.

The fund was launched in January 2010, but prior to this Jeff Keen successfully managed a similar strategy from May 2003. Please note that affective as at 22nd June 2016 the Fund was renamed as the Waverton Global Strategic Bond Fund.