Waverton is pleased to announce its support of The Jimmy Mizen Foundation

We are pleased to announce that Waverton has chosen the Jimmy Mizen Foundation as its principal charity partner. The Foundation works tirelessly with young people to give them a voice and provide a safe environment in which they may prosper. The staff at Waverton are enthused to get behind The Foundation and support its many worthwhile activities.

In May 2008, Jimmy Mizen was murdered in a senseless act of violence following a trivial argument in a bakers shop just round the corner from his family home in South East London. It was the day after his 16th birthday and he was due to sit his first GCSE shortly after. His killer was found guilty of his murder and is currently serving a life prison sentence. He was 19 at the time and well known locally as a person of violent character, with a long history of ever deteriorating behaviour.

Jimmy’s family were determined to create something positive from this tragedy and started The Jimmy Mizen Foundation in his honour; their mission centres around the difficulties faced by youth within our society. By sharing Jimmy’s story with young people, The Foundation enables them to understand the catastrophic consequences of violence. They continue to work with other like-minded people and organisations to be a positive force in the community.

The Foundation extols the principles needed to build up the common good in society, promotion of peace and commitment to solidarity. Moreover, convinced of the goodness and potential of all young people, The Foundation enables them to identify and fulfil their talents so that they may be able to gain training and work. These young individuals are given much needed support and encouraged to become independent, responsible members of society.

In short, The Foundation makes our streets safer places and helps create an environment in which everyone can flourish.

Please visit their website and join our support: thejimmymizenfoundation.tumblr.com