2CG Senhouse Funds Change Their Name To Waverton

The final piece of the jigsaw of Waverton's acquisition of 2CG Senhouse

We are delighted to announce that following our acquisition of the high performing, specialist fund manager 2CG Senhouse in April, the three 2CG Senhouse vehicles have now changed their name to Waverton.

Waverton European Capital Growth Fund

Waverton European Income Fund

Waverton South East Asian Fund

As at 31st August 2016, all three of Waverton’s new funds were in the top decile of their Morningstar peer groups for performance year-to-date, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years.  The European Capital Growth Fund and Southeast Asia Fund are also top decile for performance since their inception dates.

Since the acquisition was completed in April 2016, which involved all members of staff moving to Waverton, total assets in the three funds have grown by over 40% in Sterling terms. Commenting on this growth, Charles Scott Plummer, formerly Director and Partner at 2CG Senhouse and now Head of Funds at Waverton explained that "the comfort provided by Waverton’s institutional-grade infrastructure and the irresistible consistency of the three funds’ alpha generation over a very long term and through different style cycles, have led to strong support and an exciting pipeline of potential investors.”

About Waverton Funds

Waverton Funds is a specialist funds unit within Waverton Investment Management. The fund managers invest globally in core equity and fixed income strategies. All of Waverton’s fund managers are active, fundamental, long-only stock pickers who invest with conviction for the long-term. 

Past performance is not a guide to future returns, you may not get back the amount originally invested.

Sources: MSCI, Morningstar, Waverton.

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Victoria Monk - Waverton Funds Team

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