Waverton Breakfast Briefing March 2017

In conjunction with The Macro Research Board and Kinnison Finance

Tuesday morning saw a gathering of professionals from across the wealth management, tax and legal professions for the first of Waverton’s breakfast briefings in 2017.

First up was the Macro Research Board discussing what’s happening in the emerging markets. Is it all hype? The importance of China to the Emerging Market universe and asking if it is possible to not get caught up in cyclical trades? Is passive the way forward of does the very nature of emerging markets and their economies lead to more opportunities for the active investor?  

Following this, we took a closer look at Europe and how it’s possible to find and invest in European firms run for shareholders. While a corporate growth strategy may be right at certain times, it might not be the best one for investors. How do you make an objective assessment of whether a company really is run for shareholders? Well, you could do a lot worse than ask Waverton’s own Chris Garsten who provided plenty of insight into this challenging field in a succinct and thought provoking presentation.

The morning was rounded off by Jatin Patel and Ian Gray from Kinnison Finance who took us through some of the complexities of financing UK property for international clients. With changes on the way next month for many clients, this was a timely reminder of how challenging this market can be, but, with the right advice, it’s still possible for clients to achieve their objectives.

Thank you to all our presenters and everyone who attended.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event in May, although watch this space for a small change to the format…

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