Waverton renames Glasse and Garsten's European Income Fund

The Fund will now be called the Waverton European Dividend Growth Fund

Our European Income Fund will be renamed the Waverton European Dividend Growth Fund with immediate effect.

The rebrand will bring the title of the Fund more in line with the manager’s day-to-day approach and there will be no change to the underlying investment strategy.

The Fund has been managed by Charles Glasse and Chris Garsten since launch in 2005 and aims to identify wealth-creating companies across Europe, which are capable of sustainably growing their dividends and shareholder returns. The Fund’s investment strategy centres on an investment opportunity that goes further than the current economic upswing in Europe.

Charles Glasse, lead manager of the renamed £37.7m Waverton European Dividend Growth Fund, said: “This change of name has no bearing on the way we manage the Fund which has been consistent since launch. We are high conviction stock pickers and aim to identify companies that are focused on shareholder wealth creation.  We believe that this story has a lot further to go as we are seeing a definite shift in Continental European companies aligning their interests with their shareholders.”

Charles Scott Plummer, Head of Funds at Waverton, commented: “Our European equity strategies are uniquely positioned to exploit this European shareholder revolution to the benefit of our investors. It is a repeatable strategy which makes the Waverton European Dividend Growth Fund one of the top alpha generating funds in Europe* and we are confident that we can continue to do deliver strong returns through the cycle.”   

The Fund’s considerable outperformance over the last few years received industry recognition in 2017 when Charles Glasse was shortlisted for European Fund Manager of the Year by two prominent publications.

* ex UK - Source Morningstar UK, accurate as at 30th November

Risk Warning

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