Value vs Growth Stocks

The chart below displays the performance of Value versus Growth equities, set against the US 10 year Treasury yield.  Value stocks are those which trade at a discount valuation to the market whereas growth stocks are those which offer superior growth in profits.  There is a clear correlation between the relative performance of value-to-growth and the 10 year yield, so it is worthwhile understanding why this is the case, and what we might expect going forward.

Source: Factset

Both interest rates and the Value style tend to rise when the underlying economy displays signs of strength; stronger economic growth will lift earnings expectations of Value stocks proportionately more than Growth stocks, while interest rates tend to rise due to rising inflation (or inflation expectations) and a willingness of investors to hold “risk-on” securities (i.e. equities).

As can be seen from the chart, Value had a period of strong outperformance in the second half of 2016, and yields rose concurrently.  This reflected the “Trump bump”; expectations of strong US economic growth, fuelled by a loose fiscal policy.  For myriad reasons this has not been the case, and yields have been moving back towards their pre-US election levels.

If economic growth remains subdued and yields consequently lower, one would expect Growth stocks to outperform Value. Until a powerful catalyst for growth is unveiled (no longer expected to be North American fiscal policy) it is likely that Growth will continue to outperform Value.

By James Mee

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