Private Clients

We have been managing portfolios for private clients since day one.

We understand that all clients have different investment profiles and require a personal approach to the management of their investment portfolios. In our opinion, this is best achieved by portfolio managers directly rather than by relationship managers. At Waverton, the relationship with our clients rests with the portfolio managers who invest their clients’ assets to suit individual requirements and style.

We provide services for both onshore and offshore clients. Our extensive expertise includes:

  • Portfolios covering a variety of risk profiles, asset classes and in multiple currencies
  • Directly invested global securities or third party managed funds
  • International trusts established in offshore jurisdictions
  • Portfolios for UK Resident Non-Domiciled individuals including US citizens
  • Private family funds and other family investment vehicles

We also manage a number of more specialist international equity and fixed income mandates as part of our clients’ overall investment programme.

Private clients are looked after by a lead and a secondary portfolio manager who are supported by a team of assistants.

Clients receive a full valuation of each portfolio, a record of all income and capital movements together with a performance report on a quarterly basis.  The report is accompanied by an investment letter from the portfolio manager and a copy of our latest quarterly investment report, “Market Perspectives”.  At the end of each portfolio’s financial year we supply more detailed additional document to clients or their advisers which incorporates:

  • An investment report
  • Dividend and interest statements
  • Composite tax certificates
  • An acquisition schedule

Clients and their advisers may also have access to their valuations online via a secure link.