Managed Portfolio Service

Our Managed Portfolio Service offers a discretionary portfolio management service which invests in a broad range of asset classes and regions via third party funds, direct equities, bonds and structured products.

By holding even a small selection of funds within their portfolio a client can efficiently diversify their investments. This can help to reduce risk and increase liquidity which can be particularly beneficial for more cautious investors.  As with all Waverton portfolios, service is paramount and our clients enjoy direct  access to their portfolio manager and a comprehensive reporting service.

Within our portfolios we seek to:

•  Manage a client’s risk and return profile efficiently by making use of the full range of available asset classes -  equities, bonds and alternative assets.

•  Invest in proven specialist investment talent from around the world with all fund holdings subject to a rigorous selection process.

Our portfolios can be structured in a number of ways including the use of one or more of the following specialist Waverton funds – Core Equity, Tactical Equity, Alternatives, Real Assets and Sterling Bond. These are specifically managed to bring additional diversification and potential tax efficiency to portfolios.

For clients with less than our minimum investment threshold of £500,000 access to our portfolios can be gained via our Platform Portfolio Service, which is exclusively available through financial advisers, and our Multi Asset Income Fund. Launched in 2014, the fund is designed for clients who require a regular level of income whilst at the same time maintaining, over the medium to longer term, the real value of their investment.

We are a specialist team which has worked together for many years and we would be delighted to provide more details about our approach.