Our Approach

Waverton's principal objective is to build wealth for our clients over the longer term.

We are not wedded to any particular investment style believing that one needs a flexible approach when managing client portfolios through volatile markets and differing cycles. Absolutely central to our philosophy is a highly personalised service as few portfolios we manage have the same specific requirements. We therefore encourage direct communication between our portfolio managers and their clients.

We have a clear and pragmatic investment process:

  • A global bottom-up approach to security and fund selection combined with an asset allocation overlay
  • Not constrained by benchmarks
  • Investment managers who have experience of multiple investment cycles

We have always taken a global view towards building client portfolios, appreciating the benefits that geographical diversification can bring, especially from the point of view of having access to the best companies worldwide. Our bottom-up research is a culmination of fundamental analysis gathered from companies to whom we regularly speak, providing important insights regarding real economic activity and resulting in a core list of stocks.